High quality ergonomic task chairs with posture support & body active mechanisms. Be comfortable at work & trust in your office chair to produce results.

Multipurpose chairs can be used for most areas of the workspace such as conference & training rooms, breakout or for short office based tasks.

Executive boardroom chairs with beautiful details & ergonomic features. High grade upholstery & leathers with several frame finishes available.

Breakout seating & chairs offer workers a space to kick back, eat & relax. Breakout chairs such as canteen chairs should be hard-wearing & easy clean.

Bar stools, low training room stools & work high stools offer an inviting space for work, rest & collaboration at various heights.

Soft seating ranges include office sofas, lounge seating & upholstered low stools. Soft seating add's comfort seating areas for all areas of the workplace.

Acoustic seating offers workers a place to relax & concentrate whilst larger acoustic booth seating can host meetings & video conferencing.